How much does it cost to walk vessel?

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Vessel By The Numbers: how many steps, stories and dollars? 150 feet tall 154 interconnected staircases 16 stories 80 landings 2,500 individual steps 1 mile of vertical climb $25 billion for all of Hudson Yards $200 million for Vessel 700 people allowed in at one time. Best time to visit Vessel Hudson Yards?
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Tickets to Vessel are FREE during the first hour of operation and $10 per person at all other times. Tickets for children age 5 and under are always free. You must arrive during your designated date and timeslot for entry. Maximum of 14 tickets per transaction.
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The Vessel is a 150-foot-tall climbable sculpture in New York City's new $25 billion Hudson Yards neighborhood, which is now the city's priciest neighborhood. The sculpture cost an estimated $200...
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Heatherwick’s piece, which Related CEO Stephen Ross personally commissioned, cost $150 million, with a surrounding public plaza designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects.
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NEW: Both the Sightseeing Flex Pass and the Sightseeing Day Pass now include tickets for the Vessel and the Edge! Designed by Thomas Heatherwick who is well known for his contemporary urban design, the Vessel at Hudson Yards is a climbable sculpture made of bronzed steel and concrete, that cost about $150 million .
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The Vessel admission prices can vary. Entrance tickets currently cost $10.89, while a popular guided tour starts around $25.00 per person. See all 13 The Vessel tickets and tours on Tripadvisor
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The mammoth vessel is costing $400million per hour in delayed goods Credit: AP Some vessels began changing course and dozens of ships were still en route to the waterway, according to the data firm...
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Originally proposed at a cost of $75m, Vessel's price tag has risen to a staggering $200m and its construction has faced delays. The project broke ground on April 18th, 2017 and reached its full height in December 2017. Instagram lit up last December when New York locals and visitors visited the site of Hudson Yards just to get a snap of Vessel ...
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Although Vessel had originally been slated to cost $75 million, the projections were later revised to between $150 and $200 million. Heatherwick attributed the greatly increased price tag to the complexity of building the steel pieces. The pieces of Vessel were assembled in the comune of Monfalcone in Italy.
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